Trip Giornaliero di Croia e Durazzo da Tirana con pranzo

Full Day Tirana&Kruja&Durres (7-8 hours)

Join this tour designed to offer participants the best highlights of Tirana, combining the ancient history with the communist era and today's modern life.
Tour description in 3 cities main stops

Tirana in 2 main stops:
- Inside visit of National Museum:
- Skandebeg Square / Opera / National Museum /Block/ Mosque Clock Tower Boulevard Deshmoret e Kombit The Pyramid Tabak Bridge.

Kruja, a small characteristic town perched on a hill, centre of Albanian resistance against the Ottoman Turks under national hero Scanderbeg. Scanderbeg kept Turks from crossing into Western Europe for 25 years, thus earning the title “Protector of Christianity” given by the Pope of the time. .
Kruja in 2 main stops:
- Inside visit of Skenderdeg Museum + lunch break
- Old Bazaar/Kruja Castle/ Skenderbeg museum/ Typical Albania lunch break

Durrës, historically also known as Durazzo and Dyrrachium, is the second largest city and a municipality of Albania. It is central on the coast, about 33 km (21 mi) west of the capital Tirana. It is one of the most ancient and economically significant cities of Albania. Durrës is at one of the narrower points of the Adriatic Sea, opposite the Italian ports of Bari
Durres in 2 main stops:
- Durres stops + inside visit of Roman Amphitheatre + Coffe break
- Ancient city walls/ Roman Amphitheatre/ Venetian Citadel/ Coffee break by the seaside.