Mezza Giornata alla scoperta della colorattissima Tirana

Half Day Tour of Colorful Tirana (4 hours)

Take a relaxing walk to discover the major monuments of Tirana, Albania’s capital city. The best of old and new Tirana have been combined with a journey into the history of Albania.

Tour Description in 13 stops + inside visit of the National Museum & Mosque & Orthodox church

- Skandebeg Square. This is the heart of the city and proudly boasts a statue of Albania’s famous George Kastriot Skandebeg
- National Museum – the biggest and the most important museum in Albania ( visit included)
- Opera – the home of Albania’s cultural home showing national and international productions in song and dance
- National bank on Albania
- Orthodox church & Taiwan
- The Block- is Tirana’s most stylish area – used under the Communist regime to give friends and families of the ruling party a place to live and relax
- Albanian Parliament
- Boulevard Deshmoret e Kombit –Tirana’s great boulevards built by the Italians.
- The Pyramid –built during communism times, with white marble walls, in memorian of ex-dictator Enver Hoxha.
- Albanian coffee break – with a great view of the city from the top
- Mosque – the central mosque is known as Mosque of Et’hem Beu is an old mosque in the center of the city.
- Clock Tower - behind the mosque is the tall clock tower
- Souvenir shopping time