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Tour giornaliero di Tirana con pranzo

Experience Tirana in a Day Trip (7 hours)

Join this tour designed to offer participants the best highlights of Tirana, combining the ancient history with the communist era and today's modern life.

Tour Description in 15 stops + inside visit of the National Museum & Mosque & Orthodox church

- Skandebeg Square. This is the heart of the city and proudly boasts a statue of Albania’s famous George Kastriot Skandebeg.
- National Museum – The biggest and the most important museum in Albania (visit included)
- Opera – The home of Albania’s cultural home showing national and international productions in song and dance.
- National bank on Albania
- Orthodox church & Taiwan
- The Block- is Tirana’s most stylish area – used under the Communist regime to give friends and families of the ruling party a place to live and relax
- Albanian Parliament
- Boulevard Deshmoret e Kombit –Tirana’s great boulevards built by the Italians.
- The Pyramid –built during communism times with white marble walls
- Mosque – The central mosque is known as Mosque of Et’hem Beu is an old mosque in the center of the city.
- Clock Tower - Behind the mosque is the tall clock tower
- Souvenir shopping time
- Lunch on the Block area
- Petrela Castle on the slopes of a rock southeast of Tirana -Built in the 5th century, the castle was the former residence of Scanderbeg’s sister, Mamica.
- Tirana park at the lake - The place where Tirana inhabitants come to work out, make a walk, or relax in the shadow of the trees.